About Us

Kathryn Jones Hand Blended Serums are a game changer in topical skincare. Kathryn established the business in 2017 following a career working in the UK biopharmaceutical sector, making life saving medicines. Kathryn has a passion for skincare and anti-ageing and using her background in science and medicine, she wanted to provide skin care to women (and men!) that would be just as effective as the leading products on the market but using fresh, active ingredients at an affordable price.

This is why our products are made to order every month using only the freshest, most effective ingredients.

With our Triology serums, fresh = effective, and you can read all about the natural potency and benefits of fresh vitamin C here

The KJ Serums brand has a loyal customer base with many happy repeat customers….you can read their reactions and see the ‘before and after’ images here 

How are we different?

Here at Kathryn Jones Serums, we know that not all skincare products are created equal. Most ‘off the shelf’ products are full of chemicals and packed with preservatives. Manufacturers load their products with unnecessary ingredients to improve the look, smell and feel. We’ve done exactly the opposite and pared back the ingredients, using only those necessary to make clean, effective skincare products.

  • Fresh = Effective! Our cornerstone Triology products are freshly made each month and delivered direct to your door. This means that you get your serum when it’s super fresh, active and potent
  • The Triology Vitamin C, E+Ferulic acid serums are made using L-ascorbic acid. This is the most potent form of Vitamin C and the most effective at penetrating the skin, providing a host of anti-ageing and protective benefits.
  • There is no big cosmetics business behind us – we’re a small family business that is determined to deliver results for our customers. We do this by offering fresh, effective skin care at an affordable price
Vitamin C Serum

“My skin is glowing!”

“We are loving the serums. Cori’s skin is looking much better. In fact her brother commented last night – “how come your skin is looking so good” 👍👌 Thank you”

“So glad I ordered the serums for myself and ‘Skin Karma’ for my daughter. They made such a huge difference to mine and my daughter’s skin. Cannot thank you enough for making such amazing natural products”

“The product does what it says it will do and Kathryn is very friendly and easy to deal with. Great products!”

“Absolutely love Kathryn’s serums! They’ve become a staple in my skincare routine and despite trying out other brands, I always revert back to KJ Serums as the results can’t be beaten”