HairKarma – 120ml

HairKarma – 120ml

AED 250.00

HairKarma is a natural oil-based serum designed to revive the scalp, promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. Containing the key ingredients Indian gooseberry, Matcha green tea and castor oil, the serum helps keep your scalp healthy and your hair thicker and more lustrous.



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Active Ingredients: Indian Gooseberry, Macha Green Tea, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil

  • A hair treatment to reduce hair fall and help you grow thick, lustrous hair
  • Contains a blend of potent plant actives and high-quality oils known to promote hair growth
  • HairKarma comes in one bottle size – 120mL bottle size with pipette dropper
  • Approximately 3 months use when using twice a week

Additional Information

Instructions for use: Use twice a week.

  • Apply four full droppers evenly over the scalp
  • Using your fingertips, gently massage into the scalp and hair, ensuring that the scalp is completely covered. The massage should last for approximately five minutes
  • Relax and allow to soak in for two hours or overnight
  • Wash out gently but thoroughly using a decent quality sulphate free shampoo

Storage Instructions: Keep in the refrigerator or cool, dark place. Secure lid tightly after use. Do not expose to air. Shake the bottle vigorously each time before use to disperse ingredients fully.


Triology Day

Shake bottle vigorously before each use to disperse ingredients.  Wash and dry hands before applying.  Place one full pipette into a cupped hand, share between both hands and apply liberally to clean,  DRY  face, covering face,  ears,  neck, and chest.  Avoid the sensitive upper eyelid area.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

*Note: It is normal for the Trilogy  Day to tingle and sometimes sting a little upon application. This should subside shortly after application of HA-ppy Face serum/moisturizer. If stinging is severe or persists, discontinue use.  Note:  There  are  three  Triology  Day serum  concentrations/strengths  available:  10%, 15% and 20%.

HA-ppy Face

Shake bottle vigorously before each use to disperse ingredients. Apply following the Triology serums (approximately one full pipette) using the same method. Allow the product to dry completely then use a light moisturiser if required. Can be used as a standalone serum on clean, dry skin.


Shake bottle vigorously before each use to disperse ingredients. Apply to clean, dry skin (approximately one third to one-half pipette). Follow with moisturiser, ensuring to cover all areas. SkinKarma includes ingredients that can be very mattifying. Therefore, it is important to ensure the face is fully moisturised after applying. May be used in conjunction with the Triology Day and Night serums (twice daily in place of the HA-ppy Face serum).

*Most importantly, use a good quality broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen EVERY day.


Triology Night

Shake bottle vigorously before each use to disperse ingredients. Apply as for Triology Day serum and follow with HA-ppy Face / SkinKarma serum then your favourite moisturiser.

*Note:  It is normal for the Triology Night to tingle and sometimes sting a little upon application. This should subside shortly after application of HA-ppy Face serum/moisturiser. If stinging is severe or persists, discontinue use.

Note:  There  are  three  Triology  Night  serum  concentrations/strengths  available:  10%, 15% and 20%.

Essential Glow

Shakebottle vigorously before each use to disperse ingredients. Use at night time after applying Triology serums. Use 6-8 drops and massage gently over face and neck. Allow to soak in overnight. Avoid contact with eyes. Can be used as a standalone serum on clean, dry skin.

The Puff Buster

Shake bottle vigorously before each use to disperse ingredients. Use as much as you need to fully moisturise the under-eye area, without going too close to the eyelid. Avoid contact with eyes.  Allow to absorb overnight. It can be used in the morning for a caffeine boost but needs to be applied first thing and then gently wiped away before cleansing.


Shake bottle vigorously before each use to disperse ingredients.  Apply  4-6 pipettes directly onto the scalp and gently massage the head for a minimum of five minutes, ensuring the entire scalp is treated. Cover head in a warm, damp wrap or shower cap and leave on for a minimum of two hours or over night.

Storage Instructions


It is important to remember that  FRESH  vitamin C is an unstable substance and has a relatively short shelf life. L-Ascorbic acid is the most active form of vitamin C and the most easily taken up by the skin but it is also the most unstable form. These are fresh, natural serums containing only those ingredients needed to make them effective and they need to be stored and used correctly for the best results.  They  are  best  used  up  whilst  fresh  and  active  over  4-6  weeks.



Take a before and after picture and compare over 3-6 months of use. If you use these serums regularly and consistently you should see results.


Fresh, active vitamin C can occasionally discolour the palms.  Ensure you wash and dry your hands thoroughly before and after applying the Triology serums.


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