Five Benefits of Using L-ascorbic Acid on your Skin

L-ascorbic acid, or vitamin C as it's better known, has been recommended by medical doctors for health reasons for many years. But until relatively recently, little was known about the anti-ageing benefits of this vitamin for the skin. So, why should we be including L-ascorbic acid in our daily skincare regimes?

L-ascorbic acid has numerous benefits when added topically to our skin as part of a regular, consistent routine. Did you know that it creates brighter, healthier skin? People who apply vitamin C regularly report that they ‘glow’ when using it, the sort of glow consistent with younger skin. Here are some of the benefits that this wonder vitamin can confer. 

Protects from UV damage and environmental pollution

We all know how damaging UV rays and environmental pollution can be for the skin. Luckily, vitamin C is a super antioxidant! This means that damage caused by harmful UV rays and pollutants can be reversed by its powerful antioxidant action.

*(It should be noted that nothing replaces SPF and this should remain one of the crucial steps in your daily skincare routine. Use an SPF ideally above factor 30 and preferably factor 50).

Increases collagen production

L-ascorbic acid plays a critical role in the maintenance of collagen in the skin. This means that using a good vitamin C serum that is rich in L-ascorbic acid can lead to smoother, younger looking skin… Yes, that does mean fewer wrinkles and fine lines with no scalpel in sight!

Evens out skin tone

People who suffer from blemishes such as acne scars and pigmentation also benefit from applying serums rich in this antioxidant. Its strong melanin-inhibiting capability makes vitamin C a brightening agent that can reduce skin discolouration and even out pigmented and scarred skin. 

Anti-Acne action

L-ascorbic acid contains anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce the redness and swelling that occurs with acne. 

A great source of hydration

If you suffer from dry skin, a good vitamin C serum is a must have in your skincare. It permeates the skin's deeper layers, creating an intense hydration that moisturisers alone cannot achieve.

Try our FRESH L-ascorbic acid serum on your skin to see the benefits! 

*Please follow the instructions on how to use and the advice given on the product page to ensure the best chance of success. Everyone is unique and responds differently but our serums have a good track record. Use them consistently and you should see noticeable results in 3-6 months. Although some people see results much more rapidly, most people see a gradual improvement over time.


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