Why go Soap-Free for your Face?

How making one very simple change to your skincare routine can make all the difference

Everyone knows that using soap will give you clean skin. And that’s why most people use it. But using soap, especially on your face where the skin is more delicate and sensitive, can result in a host of skin problems. Dryness, sensitivity, and breakouts to name but a few. Here we outline why soap has these effects on skin and what you can do to eliminate this problem.

The pH – All about the balance

Soaps normally have a high pH of between 10-11 while the skin's pH is around 5.5. The high pH kills lots of diferent types of bacteria including the good ones, which can weaken the skin’s barrier function. This in turn, can lead to more sensitive skin, more inflammation and possible infections.

Chemicals – What’s on the list?

Products with soap usually contain ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These are the ingredients added to soap to make it lather and help lift dirt away from the skin. However, it also strips natural oils from the skin which can leave your skin barrier weakened and compromised. In fact, there are many harmful ingredients that are used in soap that can cause adverse reactions.

The Alternative? It's 'soap' simple….

Go soap-free! Based on all the evidence, soap is a no-go area for the face. And thankfully we have plenty of soap-free alternatives that do an excellent job of gently cleansing the skin without causing any of the negative side effects.

Choose a mild facial cleanser that has been specially formulated without soap and this should eliminate all those pesky problems that soap can cause.  

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Great explanation. Thanks for the advice!

Antonia March 09, 2024

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