Is it possible to make your skin look better, so you feel more confident in just one week? We think so… And this is how we would do it

We all have that one big event that we've had planned for ages right? We have the clothes, the shoes, the bag...and then suddenly, the week before we're due to hit the town and strut our stuff...we're hit with a breakout! Cue panic!

Once you are over the panic though, what can actually be done to help your skin look its best?

Your Skin Rescue Routine 


In the morning it's best not to strip the skin of all of its natural oils, so for the majority of people, just a gentle splash of water with a mild cleanser is enough to keep our skin from drying out first thing.

Use a gentle soap-free cleanser which will not strip your skin barrier and potentially make the problem worse!

Vitamin C serum

Adding a serum rich in vitamin C can help to restore the skin's balance by reducing inflammation. Choose one that is tried and tested and as mild as possible. Some vitamin C serums come in different strengths so make sure you choose the mildest one to help your skin while it's in a vulnerable condition.

Consider adding hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid can be very hydrating and soothing for compromised skin, so consider adding a good HA serum rich in this ingredient to your routine. This mild, natural acid helps breakouts heal faster by regulating inflammation levels and signaling the body to build more blood vessels in the damaged area. 


Even after using a hyalyronic acid product, it is sensible to moisturise using a water-based moisturiser. Something simple with no strong actives. The moisturiser will lock in the natural hydration provided by the hyaluronic acid.

Skip using makeup with silicone

It may give you the best primer effect, but the silicone in your makeup is the worst culprit for clogging up pores and therefore best avoided where possible, especially when you're already breaking out. You can try silicone free priming products that will soothe and prepare your skin for a lighter make up application. 

Drink plenty of water

It isn’t just about making the most of your daily beauty routine if you want to improve your skin quickly. What you put inside your body can also have a dramatic effect. Drink as much water as possible. We know it is recommended that you drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day. This can be tough, but increasing your water intake to even just half of this means you will see noticeable results the following day.

You are what you eat

You may love indulging in the naughty foods such as chocolate, crisps and burgers (as we all do sometimes!), especially when you're bummed over a breakout, but put that junk food down! While a little in moderation is OK, that full bar of choc and nut goodness topped off by a litre of your favourite ice cream probably isn’t the best idea when you're trying to encourage your body to quickly heal your skin from the inside.

Instead invest in fruit and vegetables. Packed with vitamins and natural fibre, they nourish your skin from the inside, promoting healing and resulting in healthy, glowing skin. 

Finally, get a good night's sleep!

Making sure you get enough quality sleep every night is paramount to good health and good skin. The skin, and all of the body's organs regenerate at night while we're sleeping. Blood flow to the skin is boosted during our sleep. This is super important if we want to wake up with a healthy glow and clear skin.

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