L-ascorbic acid or vitamin C as it better known as, has been recommended for health reasons for years by Doctors, but until recently, little was know about the anti-ageing benefits. So why should we be including an L-ascorbic acid in our daily beauty regime?

Vitamin C has numerous skin care benefits when added topically to your skin as part of your daily beauty routine. Did you know it creates brighter healthier skin? People who apply vitamin C comment that they ‘glow’, the sort of glow consistent with younger skin, like they had in their early 20’s. If it can turn back the time like this, what else can it do?

A great source of hydration

If you suffer from dry skin, a vitamin C serum is a must have in your skincare prep. It permeates the skin deeper, creating an intense hydration that moisturisers alone cannot recreate.

Protects from sun damage

We all know how damaging UVA and UVB rays are right? Well, vitamin C is a master antioxidant. This means that literally anything from harmful sun rays, to air pollution is repelled by the serum (like Triology) working with your skin to strengthen it.

It should be noted though, nothing replaces sun cream and this should remain one of the steps in your daily beauty regime. Use a cream ideally above Factor 20. Triology and others like it, work in partnership with the cream to strengthen it, but it won’t protect your skin on its own.

Vitamin C increases collagen production

The antioxidant in products like Triology not only make your skin ‘glow’ as we have said above, but they also work to increase collagen production. This means smoother, younger looking skin… Yes, that does mean fewer wrinkles and fine lines with no scalpel in sight!

Evens out skin tone

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Or red blotchy skin? Then Vitamin C serums are for you! They get rid of the dark circles and patchy skin, so your skin looks blemish free and you look much less tired too.

Promotes healing

It has been proven that L-ascorbic acid works to promote healing when taken orally, but due to the antioxidants fighting free radicals like cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes, it is also believed that it could help fight off far heavier and more serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and other diseases.

One thing is certain, people who suffer blemishes such as acne and acne scars, also benefit from applying serums rich in the antioxidant, as they help heal acne scars, reducing their appearance, and reducing the inflammation and redness of the acne itself.

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