Note: Please use 10% concentration Triology if this is your first time using fresh vitamin C.

After cleansing / toning:

Shake each bottle vigorously for a minute or two before opening to disperse the natural ingredients.

Morning: Triology + SkinKarma  + HydraSilk Moisturiser + SPF

Night: Triology + ReNew + HydraSilk Moisturiser + Tetra-C 

Wait a few seconds between each application to allow the serums to absorb and dry. Our Chinese Shan hand fan can speed the process.

The Triology serum needs to be used every day while fresh and active WITHIN ONE MONTH of receiving. The rest of the serums have a longer shelf life with a 'period after opening' of up to 12 months. Store in a cool dark place with lids tightly closed or can be stored in a fridge if preferred.

If you're not used to either fresh vitamin C or retinol and are using them together for the first time, then introduce them slowly. Use your Triology only for the first week or two then add in the ReNew every other night for a further week before using both together every day. This should help to avoid any possible irritation.

Note: If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, please substitute the night time application of ReNew serum for an additional application of SkinKarma.

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